Welcome to my blog. I post on this, roughly once a week (it does vary). I sustained a 'Traumatic Acquired Brain Injury', and a six month coma from a 'road traffic accident' whilst cycling, in October 2006. I spent the following 4 years (22-26yrs old), in a combination of hospitals and rehabilitation homes. Now, I have been living independently in Surbiton, England since October 2010. This blog begun life in December 2010, as i realised that there are many people worldwide that i want to share experiences with. I know that, as a wheelchair user, I am obviously not as mobile as i wish, so, use the internet to connect to you. I enjoy letting my thoughts represent through type. I type honestly. As numerous readers, as well as email recipients, will understand, I find typing to be very therapeutic. Thank you :)
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Friday, 28 April 2017

three minutes


'Two aerials meet on a roof. They fall in love and decide to get married. The service was rubbish, but the reception was great.'
:) Tommy Cooper.

Caffeine quantities have always puzzled me.
I'd love to be able to regard myself as a 'coffee expert' (everything is relative), however I feel it impossible, because of the above statement! Only recently, in the past few years, have i understood that everywhere serves different quantities of caffeine in their 'regular coffee'. In my eyes, one coffee has always meant one shot of caffeine, an 'espresso shot of coffee'. However, in reality, every place is different and considers what they serve as 'normal'.

Hehehe, hmmmm. I am in my usual coffee shop (for typing my blog, on a Friday). The tiny shop has just been invaded by 'them'. The local Conservative Party! Their MP for Twickenham is sitting at the centre. They all look over 50 (except one). So, give us 30 years time, and they may have died off...
I stop.

I still am happy that everything equals at some scale.
I see parents of children... looking stressed, tired, angry, leaving me thinking -... 
People have little direction of their fate. I know this, but it concerns many. One's fate is not controlled completely by themselves. No-one can accurately plan their life. Whilst creation of future generations is important for all of the human race and it provides people with such joy, the total sum of everything equates. Continuation of human existence relies on this balance. 

By affecting the balance in any way, a game of with potentially catastrophic results is played. It is human duty to not only create future generations, but to think of the bigger picture, and provide a habitat in which these future generations can live.

It is not only irresponsible, but very weak of global, government leaders to make choices which may benefit people now, but to detriment future generations?...
I find it offensive that governments pay very little attention to our future generations. They are just concerned about pleasing people 'here and now'. The furthest into the future that they plan is five years (or, until the government changes in the next election). They are letting down the human race, but they get away with it because they may have a few happier constituents! 

O' Brother is a heavy, atmospheric rock band.
They stack amps high and release a punishing wave of deep grooves and gargantuan breakdowns bridged by gorgeous, ethereal still parts. The quintet has steadily toured for the last decade bringing their epic, existential tunes to audiences across the globe. 

Every three minutes...
I am fairly certain that i am correct, but have not checked...
This blog has been attaining over 15,000 page views per month.  My mind says 30 days per month. 5000 for ten days. 500 per day. 250 per 12 hours. Over 20 per hour. Over 10 page views per 30mins. One pageview per three minutes.

Costa experience 
Espresso only served in a 'takeaway cup', but recycled!!
My joy. I experienced such joy, whilst waiting for my friends at Waterloo station, on Thursday evening. After receiving an espresso in a cardboard cup, i queried why i was forced such. I was angry with Costa, but then elated when it was confirmed that these cups were recyclable! I also ended up speaking Italian with the Italian barista. I know that there are around 52% of people who disagree, but i feel that Italians make the best coffee!

A week, today...
7 days until...

100 years since Russian Revolution…
People can overpower the elites

Friday, 21 April 2017

Nous n'avons rien

Lily & Madeleine on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

Live music from artists that have been shown before on this blog. A super quartet, containing angelic voices of the 'Lily & Madaleine' duet.

I made the following two notes, very soon after I published the latest post, last week. I had these feelings at the time, so noted, and I have to publish them this week. I follow the rules of this blog...

People, please do not worry, I cannot tarnish you all with the same brush. This blog will continue as long as i see fit (far into the future). Unfortunately, I have received poor feedback (photos on Facebook seeming to imply views/opinions). No words have been written yet, so I don't take this kind of insult seriously. I do not want to incite negativity ###### ####, so I don't mention names. I know that you are desperate for publicity, so I will not provide such!

Ok, I know that certain weekly posts may seem boring.  Maybe they are. People cannot live lives full of fun and excitement everyday. I am lucky to be living ANY days. We all are. Everyone promotes themselves in totally different ways on social media, but be careful because people can be both applauded and criticised from an infinitely large quantity of audience. Anything is possible.

'Droning guitar driving' was perhaps a description of my music taste fifteen years ago. I discovered this band in this past week, whilst investigating the 'Audiotree' web site. I felt intrigued, and knew that 'Creepoid' needed further investigation, even though I am too old for this sound now!


'If you drink coffee and go to sleep within half an hour you will sleep better'

I have always been given a puzzled look by everyone, when i have told them of my 'evening coffee drink'. Originally, I used this as a method of battling/negating a potential addiction, which i had feared (i used to get through the whole day, before feeling the need for coffee). My girlfriend was happy with this, all was good. Good, but no-one could understand.
About 15 years l since my love of coffee began, earlier in the week one of the best coffee barista's  told me the above fact. Thank you Agnes!

Coffee-Pods ARE a problem. Coffee-capsules may turn a special drinking experience into a scientific process. Your home becomes a laboratory!
These polymer/tin capsules are non-recyclable. Instant litter.
Correct 'coffee drinking' is an experience, and should not be dismissed. Different elements build the whole experience. Such foolish behaviour will affect you. Be warned.  

Pedestrian traffic lights in Central London 
'Foolish behaviour'. Hmmm. It was after visiting Central London earlier this week, I became fully awoken to the fact that only around 10% of people here, pay attention to traffic lights. People like to promote themselves as 'too busy', or 'in a rush'. Maybe it doesn't matter if they attend their next 'meeting', in a coffin, as long as they cross the road ASAP! It is through noticing this fact, and deliberately slowing myself, that i realise I can never be too careful. 

Before I cross Waterloo bridge, south of the river, Central London, I notice a new piece of large-scale art, on the side of the National Theatre. Previously, a large portrait of a 'Euro coin' was displayed. 

Maintenant, nous n'avons rien
Now, we have nothing



I maintain that I cannot be the only one who is struck by the clear 'Brexit message'. We chose to leave the EU, leaving us with...

... nothing.
This blog has recently been so popular in France, but why? 

Je ne comprends pas.
S'il vous plait...
Si vous est Francais, pourquoi vous est ici? Le blog est en le langue 'Anglais'
C'est bien, et je suis gentile, mais, pourquoi?
Ecrire un 'comment', (desous ici, je pense)
Ecrire un email pour patrick.goodacre@yahoo.co.uk

(pardons pour mon langue, je suis Anglais)

Friday, 14 April 2017

a reminder

Friday nights. I have wanted half-a-Guinness. I go to my local cafe/bar, and this can be an eye-opening experience for me. It is only 7.20pm and the place is rammed! I speak to no-one.
Women wearing beautiful skirts enter. I remain silent. This is where the real world lives. I cannot experience a 'Friday night' like anyone else. I feel so out of place. I can not live in the 'normal' world. I am not 'normal'. 
... Just a reminder!
... I get home and realise I have stupidly forgotten that I was at a pub last Monday and having a really good time with Canadian family! I am out Saturday night with a brilliant 'female friend'. I decide to stop moping/moaning and know that I should not feel sorry for myself!
I know that people do not live like me. I have lived for the past decade without experiencing a 'Friday night' like a lot of people do. This may not be unusual, but for someone aged 22-32, hmmm.

It is possible that real addicts may never admit  to being an addict because they never see it as an 'addiction'.  However, I wouldn't know. I just know that I have a keen love of good coffee.
My stock-supply, refilled today!

Artisan Putney
 I had been wanting to 'revisit' this cafe, since before Autumn 2016, when I was developing my 'Independent Coffee Shop Blog'. Amazing place, I very much recommend!

On noticing the graphic, I realised that I assume....
... that all paper rubbish IS recyclable.
Napkins, tissues, serviettes etc, are all ‘born to die’…
Such worthless resources are designed to become rubbish themselves. I find it offensive to think that such items are not part of a recycling loop.

I have yet to listen to this fully (it was recorded on my 30th birthday! EEEK,  no connection)

All wheelchair users risk being treated as having the mental age of a simple nutcase!
Warning! Seem to mishear anything?..


(aka belittled, made to feel totally stupid and utterly worthless).
Remain polite though!
Accept the **** that people spew at you. 
Some of you see me as arrogant sometimes. I know that I can be seen as very 'confident'. I enjoy it. I need it.

Why do I smile most of the time, when on the street? I am still so happy to be living independently/free of care (someone watching your every-move), and I'm aware of my effect on others. When people first see me, I'd so much rather that their first impression is a smile, not a disabled, wheelchair user. 
I accept the fact, and realise the importance of first, very first, instantaneous impressions. Vision is my primary sense.

Immediately after i made the above note on my phone, I stop in the Surbiton Crescent park area, on my way home. I stop as i feel the desire to compliment a woman sitting on the bench, that i am passing. I shower her in praise :) It goes fairly well, but then wrong, she misunderstands and walks off! I shout an apology. I continue on homewards.
I guess that i am fairly weird and unusual in having such ‘confidence to compliment’. Combined with the fact that I can be seen as a ‘wheelchair’. It should be of no surprise that people misread me (or want to misread me). 

Coffee is always my answer!

Some more music...
You should all recognise the originals...

Buona pasqua!

Friday, 7 April 2017

'Drink in', please!

Tuesday 4th: 
I'm progressing through this week, 'noteless' (I have nothing to talk about, as yet).
So I briefly review statistics, surprised to find that's my most popular post, has been fairly recent.

It means so much to me. Thank you!
People actually do read my thoughts! The most popular page on this website, is from early December 2016.
Although, i talk about music, and coffee, and ... DONUTS, perhaps the stand-out paragraph is at the beginning, where i talk about ‘self-confidence’ and it’s importance. Statistics show me that my blog's growth in popularity ever-since.

Adverts have been and gone, returned, and gone again. They appear on the blog as i realise it's popularity, they are then banished as i want to keep the blog clean and '100% me'. I am hurt when i find that Google selects which adverts to incorporate, and i starting losing my blog.

...One of the five greatest musicians.

You do not have to be as 'coffee obsessed' as myself, to recognise that both cafes and coffee shops sell drinks  either to 
Drink 'in'
Drink 'to go' with rubbish
Pay less to litter the environment easier. It is cheaper to buy, and leave the shop
... Vendors will charge the customer less, usually, if drinks are sold 'to go'. This means that it is in an individual's financial interest to arm themselves with litter, holding a magical drink which will be drunk whilst one is not concentrating. This is NOT HOW YOU DRINK COFFEE! It is too special, and deserves your attention. If you just need the caffeine hit, then you're not a lover, go get a Red-Bull (at least you can re-cycle the can)!

Above: Stacks of single-use, non-recyclable waste. Pre-packed litter!
Below: In a rush? Drink a hit from this! 60 seconds...

If you are in a rush, need a caffeine-hit, want a coffee, go into a coffee-shop, and drink an Espresso Shot, or a Espresso Macchiato (Espresso stained with milk).

Espresso 'to go'?
I was in a coffee shop earlier in the week, and i overhear the following customer. In a rush (suit and briefcase accompanied), he briskly orders 
But then he grabs a 'cup holder/cardboard sleeve', a couple of napkin serviettes, taking his time...
Why not down the espresso, in the shop, and then rush when you move on, away!?
Three gulps, it takes to neck an espresso, without wasting the use of the cardboard-cup which is non-recyclable, litter on the streets. 60 seconds, or little more.
I think that this may be a different 'personality trait'. I like to pay things 100% attention before i shift it onto focus on something else.
I do not like multi-tasking. If I do something, I give 100%, otherwise I review myself with disgust.
Coffee is no exception.

Friday, 31 March 2017


A lot of this week's post was written in 'note form', on my iPhone, earlier in the week, so I apologise if comprehension is minimal!

How I like to think I live my life…
Drop fear, learn to live with the correct level of self-confidence. Too much  confidence is fatal, too little can destroy your personality too. 

Live with as much self-confidence as you can, but always keep it hidden. Refrain from excess of anything. 
Remain confident in yourself, but accept that s--t happens. There is no point wasting energy in fearing it. It is totally random and cannot be planned for. Understand that you will have to tackle anything, with success or not. Life is to be lived. If you live an over-protected life, full of rich, glee, then you are missing out on life. You must experience the lows to reach for the highs, successfully.

Expect nothing. Experience everything.
Do not wait, or waste time expecting. Experience what is there. Experience, and feel it as a ‘positive’.
This is part of my attitude and explains why I find it so easy to ‘offer compliments’ (flirt)! ;)

Hmmm, everyone is enjoying, but with much caution!
Hehehe. The above note was obviously made earlier in the week. The very recent, grey, cloudy weather explains why us British, are always cautious when it comes to our climate! ... or some of us.

Music. An artist that i have promoted a number of times on this blog (having thought that 'Findlay' was a plural name for a band, incorrectly). I can have a punky/rock mood!
Natalie Findlay released her solo album at the start of this month.

Findlay - Forgotten Pleasures
03rd March

I love it when tanks (4x4 Jeeps/ Range Rovers/ Sports cars) have to face off, against each other, on a public roadway, and someone's pride is destroyed (in their eyes), as they give way!

I am a good person. Honest! It's only that certain things irritate me, so therefore I search for a way of twisting into an amusing positive!

Recent work, was printed on a mass scale, and handed out throughout London.
I share my opinion, and I hope you agree with The Greens too.

Brexit. We have left Europe. This is correct, because we democratically voted to leave in last year's referendum. There are rules and laws that Britain must maintain, however. Support the Green Party to  apply huge pressure for us, onto the government, to get the right things for everyone.

Below, Surbiton riverside welcomes early sun, earlier this week. 

Friday, 24 March 2017


Milan-SanRemo 2017 has been and gone. We await 'Tour of Flanders', in the beginning of April. The proper cycling season has begun!

The strangest things have always irritated me.
I have a road-cyclist's brain. Maybe injured, but it is still a live, working brain of a road cyclist. I have failed to progress in the last decade, maybe. But I howl with horror, when i view a high-end, 'light-weight', racing bicycle, fitted with disc-brakes. When top-end professional racers are forcing themselves to take drugs, without detection, performance levels are totally maximised throughout. Why strap an unnecessary added weight to yourself?  I have never known a problem surrounding the older, more classic 'rim-brakes'. There must be a reason that i am yet to find. A rapidly spinning rotary blade, bare, amongst a packed peloton.


Peter Sagan - true champion!
Second placed competitor, at the Milano - San Remo, was the rider who truly ignited the race on the final climbs of the Cipressa and the Poggio. World Champion, Peter Sagan progressed into the final roads as a clear favourite. At a top-level, of such a huge sport, characters with such humane personality are so rarely found in any sport.    Peter Sagan is such a true champion, he seems to perform, and win promoting such justice, in a sport where it is rarely found. He can be a favourite to win any type of race (hilly, flat sprint, cobbled classic, all-weather). Ok, perhaps not a mountainous race or a time--trial, but everywhere else.

Tom Boonen
Leading the peloton, last week, on the way to San-Remo

A similar image as below, depicting the finish of 2005 World Championships.

A strong, Belgian rider, was found at the front of the Italian classic, as it approached San-Remo. Tom Boonen was riding selflessly, for his 'Quickstep' team. The 2005 World Champion turned professional for Lance Armstrong's 'US Postal' team in 2002. He has won Tour of Flanders three times, and Paris-Roubaix four times, amongst many many more smaller victories.
The sprint legend's 2005 Worlds victory was also used for the cover to 'Colours of the Peloton'.

Outside John Lewis, Kingston, Boonen (181) on his way to claiming victory in the 2016 'London-Surrey Classic'.

Cover of my book, depicts sprint finish of 2005 World Championships.


I hurt sometimes, everybody does. My life, for the past ten years, has been non-stop 'goal targeted' then 'effort given' and 'result given'. I am a very productive person, am pleased with what i give/provide, yet I am still awaiting to receive what my mind needs. Too long. 

Italy v Albania (a 2018 WC qualifier, tonight)
Gianluigi Buffon 1000 games!

What a legend!
Senior international debut 20 years ago, 1997 :)
Best goalkeeper ever!

Friday, 17 March 2017

5th century

Although my namesake is the patron saint of Ireland, he represents a vast international celebration...
‘Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.’

Although he became the Patron Saint of Ireland, Patrick was actually Roman-British…

‘Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Much of what is known about Saint Patrick comes from the Declaration, which was allegedly written by Patrick himself. It is believed that he was born in Roman Britain in the fourth century, into a wealthy Romano-British family. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest in the Christian church. According to the Declaration, at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland.[11] It says that he spent six years there working as a shepherd and that during this time he "found God". The Declaration says that God told Patrick to flee to the coast, where a ship would be waiting to take him home. After making his way home, Patrick went on to become a priest.’

My 'new experience'
A good, special, meal was had last weekend. The centre of London (well, a stone's throw from St Paul's Cathedral). Perfect food with the closest of accompaniments (family). I do admit however, that I felt so 'out-of-place'.  I know that negative feelings can easily be reversed. I stop talking, as i will, hmmmm. Unfortunately, the experience made me realise that perhaps I am the problematic one, Am I too set in my ways? But do I really have choice?

I HAVE tried.

I know that 'I stand out', 'I am different', 'I always get attention'. I cannot bear the fact that this is only because I am 'a wheelchair'. If I know that I'm going to 'stand out from the crowd', I want to ensure that it's for a positive reason. The easiest way of doing this, is being honest and complimenting someone. If people cannot bear my 'forward behaviour', maybe they should assess themselves, or realise that such reserved emotions do need more escape. Emotions define character. Be proud of your character.

I drive at them!
Whenever I am confronted by an oncoming 'bike rider' on the pavement, I know that they know that they should not be there. I get psychologically damaged, knowing that they should be on the road. The more that cars get used to 'having to deal with cyclists', the more used everyone will be to sharing the road, less accidents the result! 
... Anyway, i know how to steer my wheelchair, but both of us will know that I cannot be very agile. I drive at them. The bike rider gives way, hehehe, but i like to scare them! I am warning them of the dangers of cycling on the pavement.

50/50 :)
These photos, above, provide me with great happiness. Equilibrium was subconsciously achieved both when i tested arms (at the gym), and legs (at home), using a gym bike. I am most pleased by achieving such equal power outputs, subconsciously (considering I used to be so imbalanced).

I am forced to face backwards.
I do not feel as poorly as i had done a few years ago, regarding travel-sickness. TFL displays the rules, stuck inside every bus. Only one passenger must face backwards. If a wheelchair user needs to use a bus, they must sit backwards. I find this so degrading, if it is physically possible. Further, extreme segregation for wheelchair users, from 'normal' society.

...'Senza zucca, sempre!'!
Wednesday, I am stunned. I visit two of the best coffee shops in London. 'The Espresso House', just next to Covent Garden. I order a single espresso, declining sugar (as always). The coffee is relatively sweet (for me), anyway.
I am left pondering as i leave. I go to Soho for the Bar Italia. A supreme place, as always. My ciabatta is accompanied by another espresso, 'singolo'. Yet again, I am asked if i want sugar.

I respond in Italian.

I enjoy very much, the work i do for the Green Party. Our new 'Kingston Green Party newsletter - spring 2017', is now out. I was able to also do some quick work for Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and London Green Party, designing  their 'LGP City Hall logo'... (used on webpage and Twitter, and various printed corporate media)