Welcome to my blog. I post on this, roughly once a week (it does vary). I sustained a 'Traumatic Acquired Brain Injury', and a six month coma from a 'road traffic accident' whilst cycling, in October 2006. I spent the following 4 years (22-26yrs old), in a combination of hospitals and rehabilitation homes. Now, I have been living independently in Surbiton, England since October 2010. This blog begun life in December 2010, as i realised that there are many people worldwide that i want to share experiences with. I know that, as a wheelchair user, I am obviously not as mobile as i wish, so, use the internet to connect to you. I enjoy letting my thoughts represent through type. I type honestly. As numerous readers, as well as email recipients, will understand, I find typing to be very therapeutic. Thank you :)
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Friday, 13 October 2017

Saturday 14th October...

Friday 13th
Tomorrow is yet another Saturday 14th October. Eleven years since my accident, exactly! It was a  Saturday 14th October 2006. A day following Friday 13th gave me incredible luck. I would like to say that I've disregarded superstition since, but i cannot. Only now, recently, I have checked my calendar, and found that this is first time since 2006, that we've had a Saturday 14th October! Hmmm...
Eleven years since i rode my beloved Bianchi!...

Joshua Homme and Dean Fertita (QOTSA)

I believe that human souls live on forever. Not complete, altogether, or in a human form, obviously. Humanity has existed for such an incredibly long duration, essences of our character must have previously existed somehow, somewhere. These ‘essences’  are forever lived and developed. As long as humanity exists, our total sum of ‘essences’ must equate. As we destroy our world, we must develop our ‘essences’, maintaining a 'human balance'. Artists and fellow creatives can devote their entire lives towards as much creativity as seemingly possible. However essences can all be traced somehow and somewhere, far-back, through history. The only important, unique thing/'essence' left to be created, is from the power of nature. Are humans foolish enough to gamble against nature? 

Have we not evolved enough to recognise our own stupidity? 

Are we not intelligent enough to act wisely?

Our desire for more, continues to develop into greed for more. Such ignorance of us all, should make us ashamed of our actions. We know that these problems exist, but we ALL claim ignorance. Humanity cannot continue like this.

Now I return to 'own-up'. I admit that I am a 'regular' in one of the big, high-street cafes in Surbiton. I cannot name names here, but it is the best one out of the 'big 3'! 
I only ever buy an Espresso with a glass of water. I often remain sitting by the counter as i have my water. I am able to observe patterns of other customers. I sit and watch as they pay three times as much as me, for their caffeinated-sugar-milk creation with extra cream and chocolate sprinkles! They grab their take-away polystyrene cup, a plastic lid and STRAW! Then they call it 'coffee'!
Please behave.
The sheer amount of ‘new coffee-drinks’ that the UK consume is shocking. Expensive!

Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.’ Michael Corleone, Godfather 3

Marissa Nadler uses ‘different’ sale!
I received an email recently, providing me with details of the new Marissa Nadler release. A fan, I have promoted her before on this blog
(first inclusion http://patrickgoodacre.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/drug-appreciation.html).

Her new release tries to sell an increased experience. Please have a look at the following link. Marissa is selling more.

Friday, 6 October 2017


A short list of notes, this week. This means I am relying on my ability to type afresh! hmmmm…
On this past Saturday, Kingston Green Party  hosted a showing of two great films, at Kingston University.
The first of which was an amazing insight into a problem that we may all know exists, but which we should admit to knowing very little. I am so happy with myself , as I know that I have always recycled plastics, when possible. We should all be able to feel the experience of how easy it has become, to recycle sustainably. It may seem to some, like it is a never-ending problem, but by acting sustainably, one helps us all continue. The first film was truly eye-opening. Available via YOUTUBE...
‘A Plastic Ocean’

Next year brings us the 'Local Elections 2018', and people should recognise the importance of different political voices in a discussion. The Kingston Green Party needs to have a voice!

One Green Makes a Difference

A quick story of 'me and the bike'...

World superstars, their characters are owners of a corner-shop on Stella Street (clip in above link), my IPod played me this super blues tune, from their recent album 'Blue and Lonesome'. Quality.
THE ROLLING STONES - Little Rain (Blue and Lonesome 10-12)

Why do i feel the need to compliment females?...
I find it easy. It is so wrong to have your attention stolen without explaining why. Providing appreciation should only be allowed to work positively.
Positivity must be shared, in a world containing far too much negativity. If you are feeling positive due to the appearance of another, this positivity must be shared back. This positivity may be expressed however you feel best. It will last forever. If positivity is felt and experienced, it deserves to be shared, on and on.

Too much of anything is bad. Apart from coffee!
Oh no! I admit, I think that I’m addicted!
4, 5, or 6 cups of coffee per day!

I have slipped from restricting myself to 3 (I was strict, but effective it seems)!

Friday, 29 September 2017

over three quarters...

It is not surprising that such political chaos which our world is facing, will always influence artists everywhere. Artists are creatives, and are fortunate to be able to think with their own brains. There are many problems that much of the world greedily, seems happy to turn their back on, and close their ears to. Creatives use art to express themselves. Music is an art. Kate Tempest has already been promoted on this blog (http://patrickgoodacre.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/psycho.html). Kate is an amazing lyricist, a poet.

Another artistic group  that must be promoted is a super-group, containing artists from:
Rage Against The Machine
Cypress Hill
and Public Enemy
The power of the sounds of ‘Prophets Of Rage’ is supreme, and deserves a listen to.

Mid-autumn (three quarters)
I was along the sunny riverside, last Sunday (24th).

I was aghast, as i realised that we approached October, November and then December! Three months until Christmas. I immediately counted backwards, September, August, July. Three months (and three days) since midsummer solstice. Beyond Autumn midpoint (21st), but GULP!! Warm temperatures have fooled us. Our climate has changed, but the world will take NO MORE!
Three months until Christmas and three months since midsummer!

The gym is a good way to start the week. Fitness is gauged. I am used to competing against myself (my life as a cyclist was largely about setting personal records). I am in a similar position now. I can only fairly compete against myself.

I must be positive. I have lived 100% up to the age of 22. I had hopes, dreams and desires. If I had a personal goal, I achieved it.
I have been existing for the past 11 years. I have been alive but not been allowed to ‘live 100%’. For four years, I required the help of a hospital or rehabilitation care home. I am still continuing to progress, but it will forever hurt me when I know that I cannot dream as I once did at 22. Everyone ages, perhaps this is my main concern. No matter how hard I work to catch up, we all watch time pass us by!

As Camus’ character ‘Meursault’ (in ‘The Outsider’), explains...
‘When I was first imprisoned, though, the worst thing was that I kept thinking like a free man.’ (Pg 75)
I still think like such, imprisoned in a wheelchair. No matter what anyone says, to a certain extent I will always feel ‘imprisoned’ by my wheelchair. Much of my mind still feels like that of a fully-able man. But...
I leave the past sentence unfinished because i do not want to delve deep. 
Prominent note was supposed to be praising 'The Outsider'. It's purity, and clarity are wonderful.
The best book that I’ve ever read.

Old song (from late '90s). This version was released, as part of the 'MTV Unplugged album' in 2014.
Placebo ft Majka Vos Romme
Every you every me
MTV unplugged 

My freedom 
I typed the following section, on my phone, whilst on a train back from Waterloo.

I feel so incredibly proud and grateful of gaining and using my independence. Life used to be incredibly painful, as I knew that I lived in the amazing city of London, but I remained stuck alongside carers, wherever I went. I am now allowed to live my life as I choose. London is the best city in the world. There will always be corners unturned, places yet to visit, but I am happy.

My journey from Fleet Street, onto Aldwych, up Drury Lane, down Long Acre, and on, led me to the 'Bar Italia' in Soho. I was served an Espresso with an Amaretti biscuit. I used to have these many, many years ago. Incredible! I had felt happy with my morning's Physiotherapy session, I felt that I deserved this! Amaretti are a perfectly lightweight, crunchy, almond biscuit, that compliment an espresso perfectly! 

Friday, 22 September 2017

100% cannot exist...?

Where is your focus? At what level is your focus?
Consider two things (similar or different). By zooming out, to an infinite level, at some point, they will be considered as identical. The opposite applies as well. The closer you study, zoom in on two of the same thing, differences will be spotted. 
Everything is relative. Remember to value this, and use it as you wish. However, do remember that everyone will view things differently. Different situations, mean different focal points. Everyone is unique. Nothing is viewed 100% identically. Nothing is 100%. 

For weekend espressos ...
Santos and Java
(Brazilian & Indonesian) Dark Roast

Dark roast = less caffeine/ greater coffee flavour
Light roast = more caffeine / more flavoursome bean

You should know by now that I take my coffee-drinking seriously. 
At the shop, topping up my home-stock of beans, I was influenced by the shop staff, i admit. She was Brazilian! I chewed/tasted the raw bean, and WOW!  
Only black filter coffee is ever had during the weekdays. The weekends arrive, and i use my Bialetti espresso machine. I have chosen to use two beans, for the two methods (either during the week / or at the weekend).
This new dark-roast, Brazilian coffee deserves to be used properly, in my Bialetti.

My usual blend will continue to be used mid-week.
San Agustin and Yirgacheffe
(Colombian & Ethiopean) Medium Roast
Midweek evenings

Franz Kafka may have defeated me! His stories in my book are only short, and so very abstract, I struggle to locate a storyline to hook onto. I sat reading 'Metamorphosis' and was bemused, he seemed to be using such figurative language that it was a closest essence of how much of my mind was feeling whilst in hospital/post-coma. Puzzling. Defeat hurts.

My next read will be a revisit. I first read ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus, last century. I wrote aN essay for my English GCSE, comparing it to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. It should be interesting!

Wednesday was the Cycling World Championships, Elite Men’s Individual Time Trial. I was out, but mostly caught key moments by watching the Eurosport App… 
Silver medallist was Primosz Roglic, but the podium was topped and footed by the two supreme cyclists of current times, Tom Dumoulin  (Gold, and winner of Giro D’Italia 2017), and Chris Froome (winner of Tour De France and Vuelta a Espana 2017). I don’t think such domination has ever happened before!

Screenshots of 'Eurosport1' were taken, via my iPhone :)

British media will never promote British Cycling success properly! Having won two Grand tours, I believe a bronze medal as well, is an amazing success for Mr Froome!
Chapeau Chris! You are deserving of a rest now!

screenshot off BBC homepage

Giuliano’s Delicafe
I write this out of pure love for this cafe. Not only does it offer the best Italian food Kingston (probably SouthWest London),  but is pinned in the town-centre, tucked-away, hidden behind the ever-busy marketplace. Pasta dishes are all supreme. The bruschetta that are served, are mouth-wateringl. It never seems to have a constant flow of customers, which is crazy! I feel qualified enough, reviewing such a place, because, as you know, I access plenty of similar locations (if they are wheelchair accessible)!

'X' marks the location.

I saw someone quoting themselves online…
‘I don’t believe in luck.’
Unsurprisingly it struck me, and i questioned how i felt. I remember that as a child/teenager, I felt similarly.
It may surprise you to find that I remain the same. 
I do not believe in luck, but i do believe in ‘fate’ and a ‘pre-determined destiny’.
I believe that everyone’s fate is different, and will lead them to their unique destiny (which is already set)…
‘Luck’ is just part of ‘fate’

Friday, 15 September 2017


Similar to many Arsenal fans in the past few years, I have found a second team to support. Fear not, Arsenal remain 'No1', but I have allowed my love of Fiorentina to grow. After hiring a new manager, Stefano Pioli to bring overhaul to the squad. Having lost three key stars, Borja Valero, Nikola Kalinic, and Federico Benardeschi, a fresh start was needed. Having lost the first two games of the season, to InterMilan and Sampdoria, the five goal thrashing of Verona was a welcome mark.

Jordan Veretout's free kick was perfect

Mercury Music Prize 2017 (Thursday 14th September)
Winner : Sampha

Close runner-up Kate Tempest's 'Let Them Eat Chaos' (above)

Having talked about poet/lyricist/musician Kate Tempest already on this blog (September 1st), I was delighted to find that she was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize...
Whilst I was happy to find this, and learn that she was considered a favourite to win, eventual winner was Sampha (superb artist, although I admit my ignorance).

Save the independents!
I am passionate about my coffee. Caffeine is a drug which i will NEVER accept that I am addicted to, but I am! About a year ago, I started developing my blog promoting local independent coffee shops. 

Twenty one venues across South-West London. At roughly the similar time, a new easy-heat espresso had been introduced by mega-multi-national Nestle. It’s popularity is forever growing, and coffee shops are suffering. Less and less people are paying the drink the correct time it deserves. If you like coffee, love it properly. Give it enough time. Experience it greater. If you love it, but need it quickly, drink an espresso!

Anyway, a further swipe at coffee shops has been viciously hacked by supermarkets. If they advertised themselves as ‘coffee-vendors’, and developed a ‘coffee-shop’, i would be less irritated (unfortunately they may still ruin other independent coffee shops though). I visited the supermarket, and i cannot start a fight here, but GGGRRRRR. Customers are encouraged to get their ‘free coffee’.
I find it utterly sickening the way the public are encouraged to consume coffee 'on-the-go'. Indirectly, coffee is actually being demeaned by them. Coffee lovers are being squashed out. 
People are now encouraged to press a screen, to get coffee. Where have the product semantics and user-interaction, disappeared to?
Coffee is a caffeine drink, and if drunk correctly, pay it respect.
'Coffee snob' me? OK, maybe, but I am actually a lover of independent shops as well!


The Kingston Green Party are hosting a film-night at 'Kingston University - Penrhyn Road'. It is a Double-Bill:
'Chasing Coral' and 'A Plastic Ocean'
Saturday 30th September 
Tickets on the door or via Eventbrite - 

More music...
Both need more investigation by myself, but i supply them here for you to investigate as well!
Lost Horizons - Bones

Prophets of Rage - Album released today!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Seven statements

There is nowhere else.
We have to let Earth sustain us...

Seven statements:

The world is at war.
A war without guns.
Every nation must unite.
The enemy? Ourselves.
If we continue to lose, we will lose everything.
We owe humanity.
We each, must act responsibly, with pride.

There are still 'prehistoric countries' that refuse to accept the truth. This hurts, but then you may realise that they still use 'the death penalty'! This problem is far, far, FAR from over. Big countries are still a long way behind, yet...
....We need each other.
Countries can influence others. Everyone should fear the harsh reality that we are all facing.
Everyone must progress together, we must not follow such regressive, backwards politics. We must progress in time with our Planet Earth.

An insight into the belief of a masterful philosopher...
A quote regarding Immanuel Kant, stated in a recent read, a biography of Albert Camus.

'Like Immanuel Kant, who dreaded that history, without the belief that progress existed, was "a meaningless course of human affairs" or a tableau of "melancholy haphazardness."'

I apologise, the note below is a result of being antagonised by viewing a DM reader!
Tory Britain is a failure.
It would be good to feel confident that your governor has the correct motives, fair morals, and will NOT lay down, acting as an obedient puppy, to some power-crazy cowboy. Strength and stability are not the only attributes required. We must act Progressively, Confidently and Fairly. 

Such positive work from Sian Berry and Caroline Russell, keeping Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) in check, regarding pledges on 'affordable homes'.
Well done. 
Thank you!

'Are you okkkkkk?' asked in the most patronising, belittling, loud and clear question, by a nutter is a regular occurance. As long as I live in a wheelchair, I am considered week, needy, and simple, by so many.
Please, I cannot walk, but respect me for who i am, not what you may fear I may be!

A very recent discovery of mine, and so i have only listened a couple of times. So calm and soft, mesmerising...

Friday, 1 September 2017


Headline Reading Festival 2017


In 2002 I vividly remember being at the Reading Festival as a fun-lovin' 18 year-old. One of my favourite acts were headlining the main-stage. I had seen them the previous year, at the V-Festival, but they had since released the 'Origin Of Symetry' album. Their performance of 'Plug In Baby' was amazing. Fifteen years later, the band remains, the festival remains, the music new, but similar quality! Radiohead headlining Glastonbury (seen), and Muse headlining Reading (seen)! I am quite content having watched, this year, on TV.

Another series of selfi-photos were taken on Monday. Bank-Holiday, I was wearing pink, and felt confident enough to do such and take a photo! Rare, as i am still not a fan of 'Selfies' (i do not fancy myself too much). I couldn't quite believe what i was doing, hence the lack of smiling!

2007... When I awoke, I remember being so shocked, stunned and hurt that I couldn't ride a bike anymore. Oh......  and I couldn't walk...

My brain is CONSTANTLY working extra hard, attempting to correct many of the issues that i face. I am tired of this. EVERYDAY! Broken...
... But then i realise that my 'wildcard' is due. People may think low of me, but only I know what i have been through. I tell myself that I've faced much bigger issues before, and I have obliterated them. I am lucky as well, and I know that. Humans always desire more, however 'complete' their life is. Live for the moment of NOW, stop living in the future, it doesn't exist. The future never exists. Happiness, more or less, it's just a change in me, something in my liberty, oh mine, my, my, mine.
Song lyrics of the previous sentence, were re-learnt in my music-therapy at the RHN hospital in Putney.

My recent music-collection addition, was released last year. Kate Tempest has proved to me that she is a lyrical genius. On her website, she explains that she is a 'Musician/Poet/Novelist/Playwright'. Her refreshing use of language, clearly provides proof for her to sit in all groups, simultaneously wearing all hats.
It hurts me to say that many of the painful stories that are told, regarding the world's tears of suffering, still exist this year and face little chance of solution. 

Please listen to what she is saying...

Let them eat chaos - album released October 2016 

Three instructions, to myself...
Just live...
Experience without expectation 

Life is so much better without being weighed down by your own self-expectation. People suffer through carrying the weight of their own expectations. It can be easy to dismiss another's, but your self-expectation is what counts. It is the level of pressure that you apply onto yourself. If you apply too much, you will lose your real experiences.

Experience life. Let your life count to yourself. You owe it to yourself.